Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

As of Day 15 (Monday), we have filled both oak barrels with spirit, and we have another 25 gallons set aside in plastic containers. That means 25 gallons to go and we will be finished.
It seems a shame that we are coming to the end of this, as things are really running smoothly now. Daily production of first-run spirit is well over 50 gallons, as opposed to the 25 gallons that we achieved on the first day of distilling, the balancing act with the water exchange in the worm tubs has been mastered, and the team is operating like a well oiled machine. As predicted, it has been a steep but very gratifying learning curve.
The barrel is marked with all of the official information required by the Feds. Our distillery designation -- DSP-VA-1797 -- commemorates the year when George Washington first established his distillery.

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