Friday, March 30, 2012

Men in Kilts, Whoo-hoo!

These three fine looking Scots -- decked out in their finest national regalia -- posed with Lisa Hawkins of the Distilled Spirits Council of the US after the barrel filling ceremony held at the George Washington Distillery on Wednesday. John Cambell, Andy Cant, and Bill Lumsden (pictured here, left to right) were joined by Robin Naysmith, Scottish Government Counsellor for North America, Gavin Hewitt, Chief Executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, and Mount Vernon and DISCUS staff and others, to top off the second barrel of malt whiskey that had been distilled over the previous two days.

Two @10-gallon barrels of the spirit were produced. One of the barrels was filled with the "director's cut" whisky, with a proof of 102, that was judged to be so good after the first round of distillation that a second run through the stills was not necessary. The spirit in the second barrel is the product of two distillations and is at 125 proof, the level at which Scotch distillers generally hope to barrel. A portion of the spirit in the second barrel set a new record for the GWD, reaching 165 proof! We wound up with only 20 gallons of spirit even though the yield from the first distallation was sufficent to provide more, because the Scottish distillers wanted to ensure that the finished product would be of the highest quality possible, and thus they elected not to redistill the lesser quality spirit.

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